Saturday, January 3, 2009

Lyon day 120

woke up 9h, worked on my Argentine internship application some more.
RDV for thibault and I to get our haircuts. Pretty short, I like it, I think, makes me look more thin, I think, as short haircuts always do, which is neither a good nor bad thing in this case.

Didn't do too much the afternoon besides have a really delicious meal and work on the app more and goof off with pirus a bit.
The new year's was spent at Loic's. Antoine and Pirus were there which was the most important, along with Loic, Anne-Claire, and Elsa and some of her friends towards with beginning of the night. He also invited a good group of his friends from medical school. I had a really fun night. Antoine is his good old self which is awesome.
Speaking of awesome, received a really sweet text message from a special someone, which helped make my night.
And we didn't even smoke a sheesha! which, perhaps isn't a bad thing. It's funny how tuberculosis is such a deterrent to smoking while lung cancer isn't. Maybe it's the idea of catching a disease from someone else which does the trick.
Jeeze... we left around 4h40 after hanging out on the couch for a good hour.

It's too bad I didn't stay longer in Lyon. Maybe an extra night could have been worthwhile although there are still people I should see in Paris, and I did get to see everyone I wanted save, perhaps Mr. Z who I probably would not have seen anyway because he's probably in the U.S.

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