Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cairo day 137 24


Woke up at 5h to finish my paper. Class, productive. Ate 5 sandwiches total today. I think i eat to compensate lacking sleep. Minibused it on home. did 2 hours of hw which was not enough. left to go to kobbri al kaba and from there took a taxi with chris,jordan, scott to city stars mall.
City stars: huge mall. AMERICA, fuck yea! even smelled like an american mall. we had mexican food. oh, by the way, this was on the occasion of Chris' 24th birthday. He's OLD!

Scooted on back to Dokki to meet with with my affable french/arabic convo partner, michael. I was super tired and we chose an ahuah place which made things less efficient than Cillantro's the first time we met. Still nice though. Slept, could NOT get out of bed for the life of me. until about 9h. Oh, justified not going to Amiya because I have not paid for it yet and hadn't received confirmation of funds from my dad yet.

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