Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Street Ad Commentary, Giza, Egypt

This advertisement struck me as interesting because of it's combination of both English and Arabic. The words "buy and sell" are written in "Arabic" and "in your city" is in English. I think that words relating to buying and selling are almost always thought of in Arabic (even after I left in 2009, I continued involuntarily speaking Arabic in the streets of Buenos Aires when I wanted to buy things). The fact that the rest of the sentence is in English says "we're a classy, respectable, hip company". There have been some other ads embracing this form of public persuasion, such as the Pespi ones (e.g. يلا, now, pepsi ) which are quite good in my opinion. 
No comment on except that it seems like a bad name for what the service they claim to provide. and then, there's craigslist, anyone?

Then, you have your regular Giza crowd. Notice the man in the foreground is holding a child's hand. The "renaissance" statue is in the background. I like the general movement captured.