Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cairo Day 138 New President Day/khaled day


Slept, could NOT get out of bed for the life of me. until about 9h. Oh, justified not going to Amiya because I have not paid for it yet and hadn't received confirmation of funds from my dad yet. Did hw at my other ahuah, my new main hang out place where all the guys think i'm really named musri and from Fayoom. last night as michael and I were walking to the place we chilled at, some random man, I guess from the ahuah called out "Mursi!" and smilled. feels good to be hollad at in the streets, not harassed though.

oh, and I was almost going to forget this: Khaled is the shit.
I repeat: Khaled is the shit.
In 2 hours worth of class today, I learned more grammar than in the past 3 months. No joke. He is amazing. just, to briefly explain, grammatical terms mean nothing to me in English or in Arabic. But in Arabic, whatever grammatical term you're talking about is derived from a word which has to do with its function, and the derivation usually is exactly what words look like when they have that function. i.e. this word, describing nouns when they come at the beginning of a sentence (btw "this book" is a sentence in arabic) is derived from the root "to begin" but I had never made this connection by myself. And the past three grammar teachers never had the wits to point this out. I fee like it's been 40 days of storm and finally Khaled said "khalaas, let there be light"

Did hw, well, for two hours, read about all the Orientalists on a list I can choose from. This was a significant waste of time given that I now only have tonight to write about 2-4 pages on one of them. Ended up choosing Sr. Edward Francis Burton. He's badass. He's also mentioned in http://artofmanliness.com/2009/01/13/sir-richard-francis-burton/ a blog to which I am now subscribed, in an amusing and trivial attempt to "become more manly". by the way, I'm already manly enough (next week's article is going to be about me, they already contacted me for an interview via skype), I'm just reading this blog to cultivate myself on cool dudes from the past. As rule number one goes, Burton was well rounded, and in his free time practiced hypnotism... my hero...

oh, and I predict, the future: I'll be up till about 3h writing the damned paper I've been procrastinating for two weeks now.

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