Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cairo Day 140


After school, I don't remember what I did. Oh right, I slept because I was exhausted.

Again, met with Michael at 6pm, and went over to a gathering of some friends of his at 8pm. This gathering was located in a russian collective apartment, for people itinerating through Cairo. It was run by a guy named Anton who has gone all over the world (save NA and SA) by hitchhiking. He was pretty cool. That same night he announced a trip to go down to Fayoum and hike back up through the dessert until they hit this road which would bring them back into Cairo. The thing was "bring blankets for the night and maybe water because the dessert is hot during the day" or course, all of this was said in the most typical russian accent you can imagine with the most horrendous grammar errors. This who little gathering was pretty awesome. They served up Russian soup, delicious. And the company was fun. Most of the people there had met from couchsurfers or another international website. Nice people, lots of Russians.

Went home in a taxi with a lady from the party who happened to live in the same freaking apartment as I. small world, big coincidence, nice lady.

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