Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cairo Day 139


Because Ivan had not finished his paper (out of solidarity, not to make him look bad being the only one who had not turned it in) and because mine could use a good beating by someone who knows arabic, I did not hand my paper in. No biggie.

Met with Atef, had him look over the paper.
We had an interesting talk about trust between our two cultures. He and I both feel (correctly) that I have a problem trusting him. This is true, I have an inherent problem feel 100% comfortable with him, or most typical Egyptians. I acknowledge this have tried to feel more comfortable to no avail. I attribute this to the fact that I had very little contact with Arabs growing up.

Then, did homework for like 2hours, met with Michael and did more convo partner time. (more, I only spoke Spanish with Atef...)

Went to bed late

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