Monday, January 12, 2009

Cairo day 130 Welcome to Egypt


Conversed with A for about two hours. After this we got some food by midan talat harb. There we saw a demonstration against the conflict in Gaza. Got pretty intense for only having about 70 people and being completely surrounded and subdued by police forces. A told me this was a planned demonstration, in coordination with the medias and the police, for the medias, to have some footage for international television, certainly not Egyptian television. The party who organized this protest is called "the tomorrow" and is quite opposed to the current rule. If the police had not been there, according to A, it could have grown into a MUCH larger protest against gaza, the gov, corruption, you name it e.g. revolution.
Then, a little bit later, A and I continued talking about revolution and corruption in this country and the need for change (obama=hero someone?) Basically, way more people would take part in such things but there are too many who are afraid. And rightly so... A was an student organizer for a political party back in A's azhar days. Way too many people that might have been a little too voiced in the ideas have not been seen again. A recounts parents coming into the city from the country side crying because they had not heard from their daughter or son in months... oooo how lovely a tourist site the prisons would be...

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