Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cairo Day 145 Al-Dustur


Woke up at 4h. Was only out of bed by 4h40. After blogging and morning slowliness, started going over stuff for today's test. By this time it was 6h20 I think... It takes me two hours to become productive. And even then, between 6h30 and 8h I probably only studied half the time. Made myself two coffees, thank you Michael, for bringing the Caffeine directly into my dwelling. Ah, and thank you as well for the high quality coffee you offered me on Sunday night.

I befriended a Norwegian at ILI today. I told him about Cairoscholars because him and some friends of his were looking for apartments through ILI which are total rip-offs. Showed him how to take the minibuses as well. 29 year old, seemed nice, will get to know him more during breaks tomorrow.
Also, after school suggested to the falafel man nearby school that he set up a delivery service with school...

Napped at home a while which didn't feel as refreshing as it should have. Must have awakened in the middle of a rem cycle or something.

Hung out with Chris for 2 hours at Bostan's behind cafe riche. good time, as usual, chatted, caught up. Him, Jordan, Scott, Ahmed, and Ashref went to Sinai this past weekend for two nights. They had a lot of fun it seems, from stories and fb pics. Gossip: Jordan and Ahmed made out, Jordan was super drunk, possibly went further.

Ate a lentil soup. So good.

I read a REALLY good article about Egypt + Facebook + Politics = something closer to free speech than what currently exists. I bought the Dustur –a weekend newspaper– because it was mentioned in the article as an opposition newspaper. Plan on reading through it tonight before sleep.

My relationship status on fb was approved today. I had a fun time clicking on our names back and forth between profiles. Quick link.


Adriana said...

ohh i read that article. was it about spreading revolution through facebook, in the ny times?

Theresa said...

Missing you! :/

. said...

yea, it was. just search for facebook and egypt and it should come up