Saturday, July 20, 2013

Ramadan day 11; كتاب مالوش اسم، التأميم

I've been fasting from food everyday so far except one. So far so good.

Here's some of what I did today, going to try to memorize this by Tuesday, it's the first half (3min long) of a text by Ahmed El asili about nationalization. Sorry for the background noise; it was recorded above Ramses Square at the Everest Hotel :-)

His book, kitab maloush ism (book without a name) has been very useful to me in learning Egyptian. Thanks!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Ramadan day 4, Friday

Two friends and I checked out Tahrir on Friday (yesterday) for Iftar (fast-breaking). It was nice. Then we ate at a "مائدة الرحمان" (free food table) which was pretty good. The tahrir iftar was supposedly organized by the Tamarod (rebel) movement which recently organized the petition.
I fasted from food again today. no sweat. also did around 17 pull-ups and 50 pushups around 5pm. sweat.
Obama is a Supporter of terrorist. But who are the terrorist really?

Throwing waste water out onto cars.

A family going to break fast in Tahrir sq

Anti-MB poster at the entrance

Big crowds. It wasn't very organized

Interviewing someone


Make-shift tables.

LONG table of people waiting to eat. 10 minutes til sunset

Attention hoes.

the iconic revolution hipster, walking his bike through. 

the girls section, with front row seats to the stage. 

cameras to the world.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Photo: Chair with a cool penchant

Keeping the parking spot with some creative means. two weeks ago, on Haroun street in Dokki

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Ramadan: day 2

Total silence (but lots of people) at the Sadat metro station right now. 
You could almost hear a mouse fart. 
People are chill, disciplined, it seems. 
I love ramadan. or, rather perhaps, Egypt and Egyptians during Ramadan.

Photos: in and around Clot Bey Street

Future entrance to the attaba metro station. Probably for line 3

We originally roamed this street to find jean material from a store named "tutu" so I could get some jean pants made. (1.5 meters= 1pair of trousers=30LE)

To "fan" the  coals, they set up a ventilator. automation. 

Homemade car cover/quilt! nice!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ramadan: Day 1.1 Photos of Iftar

I would like to share some photos from today, between 6:58 and 7:10. "Breakfast" was at 7pm exactly, so this is just a lot of photos of empty streets and people sitting together, breaking their fasts.

I "fasted" today, meaning I didn't eat anything (except for two dollops of honey with my three cups of coffee). Last night, I ate a hawawshi with E at Antakh (billards) around 1am, and then broke fast with my ahuagi guys (see below). Then had kofta on Dokki sq. Fasting was only difficult in the last three hours of the day.

Anyway, enjoy the photos.

Charity Table. Anyone can sit down and eat for free.

Guys from TacoBee drinking

"the uncles", my ahua. I had a few bits of rice, beans, and chicken for a few minutes before continuing my journey down Soliman Gohar 
SG deserted

Praying. The only guy I saw doing so.

Taking a break from remodeling the store, with food

Egypt's delicious, fresh veggies

getting his fix after 14 hours 

Three boys eating inside the shop. 

Chairs, ready to be cast out to host dozens of coffee-shop addicts

Fanous (lantern) lighting up the balcony with its beautiful colors 
J's place seen from a feluca (~930pm)

Ramadan: Day 1

A very interesting essay on Ramadan and fasting written by an American "New Yawker":

Reminds us about the physical as well as spiritual aspects of Ramadan, and acquiring good habits. 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Photo: A night of gun shots

We had a little get together for dinner. We could hear 6th of October bridge gunshots from out balcony. this is the only photo I took of the evening. 

Monday, July 8, 2013

Photo Essay: Balade de Saida Zeinab a Geish Square

This whole walk took about 3 hours. We went to Saida Zeinab to Geish Square (to eat chinese). passing by Ibn Tulun, Amir Taz Palace, Bab Zuweila, Azhar park, Azhar mosque, and Moez el-Din Street. Photos taken on July 6th, 2013
View of Saida Zeinab Mosque, with traffic 
Ibn Tulun minaret

Some school. with a nice brick facade/entrance.

Sabil up the street from Ibn Tulun. Amir Taz Palace is down that street on the right.

An old cinema

Coffee bean being roasted on the sidewalk. Smelled SO good

Market street scene with kids playing

Bab Zuweila, one of the seven door guarding Old Cairo

Probably from the early 20th 
Street Scene with minaret in the background

The old wall they discovered at the foot of Azhar park 
View from the top of Azhar park
Citadel in the background
Lots of romance going on at this particular spot... :-)


Almost NO room for light to pass through in between the buildings 
Islamic library. telling of how close we were to al-azhar university/mosque
Chinese dog. a sign it was time for chinese food in Abaseya 

Abdel Zaher

eh ya HAG BOULBOUL el-HELW عامل ايه؟؟؟
I never noticed this before, but here we have a nice mural