Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cairo Day 141


I think I slept until 13h. Correction I did sleep, until 13h30, or fell in and out of sleep. My day was doomed from the beginning.

Did, I don't know what, oh, some hw. At 18h was at the culture wheel to administer my little dose of English to my Egyptians. Had them try to read an article from The New Yorker which was a little too hard, I think. Still fun though.

On the way home, in the minibus, I explained the differences between American and Egyptian culture. I explained to them how awkward it felt for westerners for them to pay for us every time we do something. The ramifications being, we don't feel comfortable hanging out among other misunderstandings. While it is also up to us westerners to be aware of this and understand it, it is also up to them to see it from our point of view. We, as westerners, are not used to, nor do we enjoy having to argue to pay for the bill.
They, I feel, were nicely enlightened by this and I think they will apply it to their future encounters with the western world...

Boring, went home, studied, slept. too much. god this blog is boring.

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