Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cairo day 133 so, what do you know!?


so, what do you know!
Ana, a girl from LP swim team and Anajah, a girl from LP Singers Choir are here on one of those rush-to-see-everything school trips. So we meet up, hang out at their hotel for a while, meet some of their friends and whatnot. Then start walking around town, got the some koshary and icecream. They were amazed at how cheap things could be if you were with a 'local'...
After quite some hesitation(only on Anajah's part), they finally that coming with me to Atef's in bumblefuck country side 30 minutes away by taxi would be better than going to a club with americans. hmm...
He made us tea and hawaoushy. Hung out on his rooftop. Had a very nice time. Anajah sang his and his friends the national anthem and, somewhere over the rainbow. Her voice is still just as freaking awesome! Mostly spoke Spanish actually, as our lingua franca (ana's mexican). This always marks as very strange to be using Spanish as an intermediary language.

Told Anajah (african american) about how blacks from Sudan are discriminated against because they take all the low class jobs. Asked her if she had noticed any of this. The answer was no but that she could imagine it and also that she didn't look african and that she's surrounded by a bunch of white people all the time.

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