Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cairo Day 134 trippin on shroons

Atef called me to re-invite me to his place. Super nice of him but I had a lot of hw and plans with Chris. He even had me talk to his mom! weird, but super cool, a nice opening up in our relationship!

Did homework all morning/afernoon. Then Chris came over and we watched two more episodes of Entourage. Then got Hawaoushy and Koshary (i still have some of the hot sauce left on my keyboard from a little explosive spillage) and finished the rest of the season. It actually was pretty good. Better than the middle with that weird episode where they start tripping on mushrooms in the desert.
Then went out, chilled until 22h15 I think. Went home, did more hw, a lot actually. Talked to La L after about her closure night out with man u.

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