Friday, January 9, 2009

Cairo day 129


Woke up at 10h on Jordan (and now Scott's) couch with a sleeping bag keeping me warm. I have NO recollection of going to sleep, which is kinda awesome. Hung out for a bit, watched an episode of southpark in which Cartman has a crazy twelve year old babysitter (turd), crazy cat in heat, and all this, well because, his mom's in heat as well. I was quite hungry, so set out on a hunt to find an open restaurant on Friday in Cairo. This wasn't easy until about 13h. Had the best taemia/cauliflower/potato sandwiches ever. and I mean ever. It had a been a long while since I had gotten lost in Cairo, wandering, exploring. and I must say, this was really fun, even being hungover. I wander through this really typical neighborhood, before, after and as people were coming out of their mosques. around 13h15 the streets literally flooded to life. Again, this was quite cool.

Read the news paper, wasted time and slowly made my way over to my rendezvous with Atef. For once I was not late. We've been getting really productive lately. Maybe that, or maybe it's just my Arabic getting better which is giving me that impression. Learned a few good expressions too. Then we got some food. My new favorite: lentil soup with butter. delicious. Then we got some delicious desserts, with cream on top. I taught Atef how to recognize a nice butt when he sees one. This was the best part, locking arms with an Egyptian while checking out the few uncovered butts, two totally contrasting, opposite things is somehow hilarious to me.

Might be watching Entourage with Chris tonight, when he gets back from bowling in Giza with some super wealthy Egyptian friends of his.
And that's a wrap for today!

dice? no dice. awww... c'mooon... Dice!


meem said...

give me ur life. i want it so bad.

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