Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Lyon day 119

Tuesday LYON

well, actually, I'll start with a quick Monday night. Dinner at Antoine's. His dad, mom and sister were there. Thibault arrived an hour after me, around 20h15. Since I last saw him, Antoine started a 'real' job in a laboratory analyzing water. It's not paid as well as his job at the library but, or course, it's what he likes and it's in his field of study. He's being trained in a variety of specialties as well. This is the kind of job that trains you for a few years, if that, for you to then go on to something that requires more experience, thus more pay. So yea, he managed his time pretty well. He worked at that library place until he found a real job, keeping a steady income, all while living with his parents and keeping expenditure low. smart kid. :-)
I turned antoine to my yoghurt currency :-) he kept on joking about how many yoghurts something costs. :-) fun kid
they also showed me Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare, which is an awesome game. ULTRA realistic and super well done. The first mission is like BLOW your mind away.
well, cool night. And then Thibault and I hung out more at his place... showed me some of the pictures from his past semester, exchanged some stories about the girls in our lives... fun stuff. and when internet was finally back online again I got some emails done.

We went to an old teacher's place around 17h30. Mr. Montanari. Super nice, spent a nice time, listening to his stories of high school. Saw Elsa and Emmeline again for the first time in a long time.
Loic drove me back over to Pauline's place because he was going back home anyway to study. This was fun. Lucie and Pierre were there. I enjoyed talking to them. We made crepes. Of course I ate way too many which subsequently put me into a food coma for the rest of the night (anne-claire's) at which were Florent and Philomene.
Antoine got a freak migraine attack right before Montanari's so he missed out on all of this. i hope he' s better by tomorrow for the party.

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