Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cairo Day 135 Michael

Wandered around my neighborhood. Got foul from a car stand, something I enjoy doing once or twice a week. Didn't hear from Atef as I was supposed to so I responded to an email about a french-Arabic language exchange. With this guy named Michael (christian, no shit) who is learning French. The exchange went really well. I was a bitch about not speaking English and he got the point. he's pretty good at french, but once the basic introductory conversations were over, he did have more trouble than in the beg. did 30 min of only fr, 30 min of only arabic, 30 min of me speaking fr and him speaking only Arabic and the 30 min viceversa. Super effective. My voice was exhausted from speaking so much. Much more effective than with Atef, although I'm definitely going to keep the two, assuming Atef calls me back.

Apparently, had a meeting with Risala kids to speak English. Had no idea. There's a huge communication problem between Osama and I, which mostly stems from his English. This is the second time I've "stood them up". I've already requested to deal with Shayma, the girl Angela used to organize with because he english is better and she's the brains of their little operation. Only wondering if her being uber religious and not be able to shake hands with me is going to cause a little problem with me having her phone number...

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