Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cairo Day 143 lemony penguins


Did homework all dandy day.

Alternated between that, blowing my nose, laundry, cleaning up a bit, and I should add, more blowing my nose (dislodging the sandpaper that is still stuck in there) and, sick, officially, the cough has kicked in.
To those powers at be who predicted this, congratulations, my awe for you has yet gone up another level.

Ah, and made myself two, or was it three, hot coco drinks. yummy.

Might I add, to make these blog posts more even,
Roger! :
Earlier this week, I noticed a small bar of soap was missing from the bathroom sink. Forgetting to ask andreas about this, I just started using the bar from the shower.

Thursday night, I forget to put the bar or soap back in the shower ( I hate starting the shower, being wet, and having to step out to get the bar from the sink).
When I come home, the bar of soap (green) is on the countertop, totally mutilated, with scratch and bite marks everywhere on it. along with a few hairs too. Roger! that prick, tried to take it away with him too! fortunately, it was a little too heavy I think...

the next day I went out to the staircase to see how he could, if possible, come in from the bathroom window. Sure, enough, there's a nice, nifty ledge right outside of the window. Furthermore, I saw a piece of toilet paper which had gone missing two weeks earlier. (I'd rather not explain how I notice when toilet paper goes missing...)
Fucking roger, the clean rat,
but, respect.

I hope his farts aren't too bubbly or green or lemony.

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