Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cairo Day 142


Woke up before 10. But then slept again from like 13h to 15h. Mind you, there is a horrible dust storm going on right now. It is just about impossible to go outside without having the feeling of dust/dirt/sandpaperbeingrubbedinyourthroat pasting the insides of every upper-body cavity. I didn't sleep well last night as a result of this...

Met with Michael at 18h. By this time the storm had cleared up. horray.
after our convo, I bought some coffee and he showed me how to make it, in my apartment. Nice guy.

Around 22h30 I met up with Nadah and went out for a Stella at hurayah. Nice time. Talked til 1h or so. She told me to come to see her sing at after 8, she sings there every friday night around 23h. Listened to music in her car on the way back home. good times.
Practically finished my cover letter for that internship in Arg. just hoping Jiongyi gets back to me soon with his final, master correction (the fourth person to do so ;)
ooooo I get byyy with a little HELP from my friends...

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