Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cairo day 136 I think I smell a Rat


If only I were a Cat.

(with green eyes)

Woke up at 9. Wrote a week's worth of blog entries. Mad at myself for not being better about it.
By the way, we had a rat (Roger, Andrea's personal touch to him) in our apartment on Friday. Andreas called me, sort of hysterically as he had been startled by it upon entering and seeing it scurry into the kitchen. Using a carpet and and armed with brooms, we set up a barrier which would have led it outside. Unfortunately it was no where to be found anymore.
This was concluded by me suggesting that we clean up the apartment. I said this while we were in the living room and at that very same moment I notice a piece of Andrea's peanuts on the floor by the tv close to the rat's spotting. I think this perfect combination hit home... no food=no rat. well, I guess it was concluded by us cleaning the apartment, especially the kitchen. This reminded me of the coffee stain Karoline let fester under the garbage for god knows how long while I was gone. That girl is sorta clueless. I feel sorta bad for Hannah but I think they will get along.

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