Saturday, January 3, 2009

Day 121

Lyon --> Paris
Difficult wake up. Looking forward to sleeping in the train. Had a enjoyable ride to the train station with Pyrrhus. Goodbyes always suck, although not as bad when you know you'll see the person again.
Now in the TVG about 30 minutes out of Lyon. Looking forward to getting picked up at the Paris Gare de Lyon by Sophie R. (for my few readers who might be confused).
Finally did end up getting a different cell phone from Pirus which is practical in itself although the phone isn't too great. I think it'll be a good opportunity to improve my memory by just memorizing all my numbers... (good luck!-)
time to take a nap in this lovely bundle for French technology...

Sophie picked me up at the train station. Walked our way over to her apartment. Chilled there for a while... until... more precisely SURPRISE!!! Bennet Smith arrives at 18h! Ben is so cool. He was here visiting Paris with his family for one week. We hung out a bit, watch a few episodes of Entourage, which, by the way, has gone bad, like not entertaining at all, the script seems to have changed from awesome to bad, right after episode 7. and the story writters changed around episode 4. sigh... petering out...
So we made some delicious pasta, well, Sophie made it, I just ate and critizised... but really, it was delicious. Had some wine too. Then we went out to meet Gwladys and a ton of European ex-study abroad students. Hung out at an Irish bar and talked, had fun, goofed off, some "what ifs" with Ben and Sophie who always have awesome just-as-ridiculous replies.
oh! and what a shame! Ben didn't get to see le centre Pompidou as we would have liked!

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