Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cairo Day 144 Monday


According to numerous winter break European sources, I have lost weight. If you ask me, I've gained weight; my gut has matured quite nicely. If you ask the scale, I possibly did loose about 2 kilos. I don't know how people can tell this when the opposite is what meets the(my) eye.
Hence, the numerous-winter-break-sources' concern has been an excuse to get back to doing push-ups. This activity has been going on for about 5 days and seems to be coming along nicely, from what the bathroom 'mirror mirror on the wall' tells me.

Went to give an English lesson to my Muslim kids but they didn't show up... and I didn't have my cell phone on me, it died today because last night I decided to let it sleep next to me, but shouldn't have as this kicked me in the butt today. I waited at the culture wheel for and hour and a half which was spent studying for tomorrow's test.

Hung out at aamr's ahua for a good hour and a half at least. I swear, that guy can teach more Arabic than anyone. Plus, I get homework done too. And he's interesting, for an ahua guy. He studied two years in a agricultural college but then when the gov. placed him on a team to fix bridges, he quit and came to work at his dad's ahuah. This story is the epitome of Egypt, shit education followed by a shit job followed by a semi-shit job which encourages others' laziness.
But he's cool though, he knows how to deal with people. We exchanged numbers two weeks ago and he still has not called me! amazing for an Egyptian. And he doesn't bother me when I'm studying/don't want to be bothered. His brother, the other guy who works there isn't nearly as cool, mostly angry it seems, and I tend to avoid it when Aamr's not working.

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