Saturday, January 3, 2009

Paris day 122

Woke up early, got out of bed late. Probably the best I've slept since I've been in France, although I've been sleeping like a baby on tranquilizers since I've been in France, so can't complain. That's probably due to the reduced nocturnal noise levels.

Cursorily organized a meeting place with Gwladys at Montparnasse. Of course I was 20 minutes late, but of course, I left about 20 minutes after Sophie advised me to leave... We talked, and talked, and talked more. Good times. and ate some too. good times, again. Then I took the metro to Oberkampf where I met Doumitra and Sophie at Doumitra's hotel (where she works, not her hotel).
We hung out at a cozy tea shop across the street from the hotel. Talked about what happiness is, as Sophie is super interested in that kind of stuff (wisdom too).

They accompanied me to la gare du nord. goodbyes... -they were great! hehehe

And now on my way back to Brussels where, I doubt I will see Nadine, because I'm out of credit. Plus I don't feel like getting something to eat yet. Going to Ghent for one night and then antwerp for a short night, then, Cairo for about 40 more nights... :ooOOOOoo
Have a small plan for ghent tonight. Involves a cool tree, a pizza places and a bench by some weeping willows along a river.

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