Thursday, January 8, 2009

Cairo day 128

Thursday regular good'ld day. I mean AWESOME day.

I woke up 7h45. was out of the bait by 8h08. Ate a banana on the way down. Sat at a coffee shop and talked to Amer for about 15 minutes. He invited me to a wedding tomorrow but I don't think he was serious. It's a shame because one of the topics that was assigned today in colloquial class was "different types of islamic weddings" oh, and wait... the best way to start a day: here it comes: be hearing a word that was randomly taught to you the night before by a different native speaker. In this case, the word was "mood" used by Atef, and then used again my Amer. It felt so good to be able to understand a random word like that.

Class was good. Felt like I did quite well in both of them today.

Learned that Khaled is tight with a friend of the author of three of my Arabic textbooks. This Author is freaking genius as far as arabic textbooks go.

After class I ate two chip sandwiches and one tomato/cheese sandwich at the local sandwich joint by my school. Then, on the way to the bus stop, I talked to one of its workers who was getting off work about his HORRIBLE IMAM who had just started saying the call to prayer in the mosque across the street. his voice, and the worker agreed with me 100%, is SHIT. he pronounces "allahu akbar" as allahu aenkanbar" and, really it sounds like he's in pain. I wonder if people even pray there. This was a good bonding moment between me and the man who makes my falafel sandwiches everyday.

OH! and THEN!!! the SAME godsend thing happened on the way home!
An expression I had JUST learned like one hour before in class was used by this guy I started talking to on the bus!!!

I've started thinking about what I'll be doing between Feb. 1st and 8th. Falafel is one of them.

came home, watched the rest of "paradise now". hwed a bit, talked to N briefly (hoot hoot for those who read this!), she's doing well in NYC it seems, and at 21h30 I'm going over to Jordan's to sit in on a power hour.

and a special shout out to my man B for forcing N to reactivate her fb! This link goes out to him!

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