Friday, February 13, 2009

Chicago day 4 Why are Chicago streets so full of potholes?

Thursday (R)

Why are Chicago streets so full of potholes?

5h wake up, which I really enjoy, mainly because of the 21h bedtime. Got some paper work done.
At work, talked to Peter about how he got into the Prosthetic business. Helped pass time. Went out for a quick sandwich with my dad which mainly consisted of him talking about my aunt and the possible deal that could go on between them. Not very fun to to listen to.
Came home and talked to Nayru for 3.5 hours. Quite enjoyable.

Then about the time that ended, my dad and my sister came home. My sister stay only as long as it took her to change into a cute outfit for a birthday dinner she went to. For her friend R.

Dad and I had a relatively peaceful meal. He left to do some errands and Then I took off to Z's around 21h40.
As usual, same smell, same pristine apartment. Makes me want to work there and study there. It also makes me want to clean up my room. Perhaps this would make my mind more clear as well.
Z gave me a bunch of music which I am now copying to my computer. Good stuff.

I left around midnight. Oh, and he has a really nice place.


Uma said...

And now for another 6 months...
it was nice seeing you though.

. said...

It was super nice seeing you too Uma. I met someone here who's know you since first grade. I think her name is tatiana. She's from CU, Indian also... you know who I'm talking about?