Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cairo day 8

It's been 8 days since I last kissed my girlfriend. I don't know why 8 days. that's one week plus one day. Seven days too many.

Met Katerine at ILI at 10h30. Looked at more crap apartments. Wanted to shoot these 'most scrupuless, dark, conscience-less creatures' in the knees.
Finally, we called this apartment broker that I heard of through a friend who studied here and on Craig's list Egypt. Named Alex.
Showed us a place 4000 L.E. per month. Plus commission for him. Tomorrow we're signing a 6 month contract. It should figure out to be 300 US per person Assuming we find a 3rd roommate. We will certainly. I think we'll have one 2 days from now.

The apartment. For those who know my house in Chicago: the kitchen is half my Chicago Kitchen. The living room is about 3/4ths the living room in Chicago. The 3 bedrooms are all about the size of my room on the bottom floor. One has a bathroom in it as well. Master Bedroom :-)

so all and all i'd pay 300 per month all included. Including broker fees and doormen fees, garbage man, utilities. but no internet... I'll be spending time in internet cafes and my school's wireless...

Plus we got a call from this Italian guy we met today at ILI who said he knows someone looking. This phone call took place over the Nile. There are plenty of people looking for a room so it shouldn't be hard to rent out. yay. wow. tomorrow I sign my first contract!
This is slightly terrifying.

For dinner tonight, Chris, Katerine, and three girls she knows and I, went out for dinner. Apparently this was the most expensive restaurant of Cairo, or one of the most, but I couldn't taste that... I 'dropped about 22 dollars. Good think i'm not hungry anymore but It didn't beat 20 dollars at Andalouse Morocan on clark street in Chi-town. Not any day. I'll stick to my street food, thank you.

Tomorrow, my first apartment.

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