Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cairo day 7 (one day late)

Yesterday was a good day... I think.
to tell the truth, days are so filled with new things here, they seem much longer than the regular 24 hours.
let me think.
oh yes.
I searched to a DHL. I tried to send a key for a bike lock to my dad. This was priced at about 500 pounds or 100 US dollars. No thank you.
There is also something else that I wish to send to a certain special someone but that was also overpriced. I should have 'asked to speak to his manager'
I will try the conventional post office, once I found one, as they do exist, apparently.

Then I wandered over to my school in quest of an apartment. I met this German girl who is also looking for an apartment. She was fresh off the plane (fop, as opposed to a fob heheh Van...) and being german, I think, was freaking out about not having an apartment yet. This was a good and ever more important contrast to my laid back 'I'll find one soon enough' attitude. We went looking at a few places through our school but all were very dirty and unlivable. and pricey too.
I think this girl's name is Karoline? or Kristen? I should know, It's been 2 days since i've known her... Karoline, I just checked my phone for the 10th time.
Then I showed Karoline around this really shady part of town, by the textile mart. We saw heards of goats and sheep and cows in these streets. IN CAIRO, like 10 min walk from the Nile. Crazy.

After this, Chris, Karoline and I went out for a meal. We found a place to eat for 15 pounds. An iftar meal around 18h15. This seemed like a good deal but the bill ended up being 25 total per meal. This was a rip off. They tried to charge up 10 extra for bowls of rice which we thought were included. We left what we thought was right and walked off. no Problem.
I think we all called it a night.
oh no! After that K went to her hostel and I met these awesome friends of Chris. They were awesome and really nice. I'm going to see them again and talk more about them next week when they come back from Alexandria.
then we called it a night.

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