Saturday, September 20, 2008

Cairo day 16

Things I've noticed about Egypt:
-There are a lot of stray cats and very few stray dogs. Dogs are bad luck and have something to do with bad ginis here. Cats, well, it's Egypt.
-Garbage is a mess. I've seen mini neighborhood landfills in the middle of poor neighborhoods here.
-Nicab's suck
-Only about half the people drive with their lights on at night. Good luck seeing the rest.
-Crossing the streets is like Eddy Murphy in one of his movies, Blue Streak, I think. Very dangerous.
-Egyptians don't like Israel. Pepsi: Pay Every Penny Something Israel.
-You can't take pictures of government buildings here.
-During Ramadan, there are table out in the street. If you're hungry, go up to one of these tables and sit down and someone will serve you, for free. Charity. Open to anyone.
-Cairo is not clean.

Class was fine. Learned a lot of stuff about the month of Ramadan.

After school took a nice long nap which caused me to miss iftar meal with Andrea and her Egyptian friends out in 6th of October city. No biggie. I hung out with Chris instead. We got a nice meal for 13.5 pounds and walked around until we found a nice sheesha place in a pedestrian street which looked really clean. We sat there for about four hours and talked a lot. Good times.

I walked home from Downtown to Dokki. Home around 1am. Walked passed the Nile twice and the Opera on the way home.

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