Friday, September 26, 2008

Cairo day 24 Freitag

Woke up at noon. Played with internet for a bit. Read up on tour guide stuff for next week. Planned a little bit.
Worked on my app for Buenos Aires. Organized getting beer for tonight. Anas has volunteered for my to use his car to go to Heliopolis.

Je suis excite comme une puce.

We'll see how the housewarming goes. I've invited some people from school. I think a few will come. I think it will be a majority of Egyptians though. None of Karoline's friends can come, as they are all on vacation.

We got stopped by a cop because of anas' driving. We had alcohol in the car and it was still Ramadan. This would have been bad had Anas not talked himself out of it.
So the housewarming party was good. Chris and Mai made out in the back of Anas' car on the way back home. Success!

well im in bed now. im typing with one hsnd, quite rapidly actually, but im really tired and a bit buzzed. goodnight, publish!

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