Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cairo day 19

Cairo, Sunday 21st

Today was good. I got all of my proofreading done for French. This makes a total of 52 pages that I corrected for this guy based out of Cambridge. Chris said he got paid his due today. So that's good, I might also be getting paid soon. Cool stuff, my first job done purely in front of a computer.

Chris and I walked over to the Sheraton and totally used their pool for free. We just walked in, changed in a bathroom on the second floor and walked over to the pool area in out suits. We stayed for about an hour. The water was really cold. It's been cooler here in Cairo. High of 84 this week. Anyway, the cherry on the top was that one of the pool workers nicely made sure we would be there tomorrow. We, of course assured him we would. I think we might actually go back next weekend. See how long it takes for them to catch on to our little game...

We went out to dinner with Arvis, had a pizza at Pizza Hut... not too proud of it. The service was horrible. They had no more spatulas for getting the pizza from the burning dish to our plates... and of course, no change when it came time to pay the bill (well it took about 4 minutes for them to conjure the change, 10 pounds).
I had Arvis and Chris over. I also tried a fried eggplant which was really good. It reminds me of Thibault's grandma, the best grandma ever, after mine, of course. I think i'll wake up early tomorrow to make myself an eggplant sandwich with lots of mustard and maybe some camenbert, if my taste buds so decide.

Walked over to McDonald's for wireless because ours is out again. That wasn't that fruitful. I really can't tell for Alitalia. There's so much at sake, I think the unions might give in soon, at the expense of loosing all of their jobs. Really sucks though.

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Sofie said...

I have to second the part on Thibault's grandma. She is the coolest grand-mère i've ever met, by far.