Saturday, September 13, 2008

cairo day 10

woke up. Got more money. Gave more money to the landlord. had to put down one month's rent and a month's rent for deposit. yikes.

Went shopping, this time, the three of us flatmates. got stuff, cleaned out the fridge together and filled the fridge. Also split the bill according to what we bought and would consume.

Then we had some downtime. I used to to proofread some french stuff and go over arabic.

Sofie's coming in 15 days.

Went out with flatmates to meet Chris and his awesome friends. I was supposed to elaborate on how awesome they are but I'm not going to because I don't feel like it. If you want to know why, email me.

i'm soooo tired...

went to the faluja ride along the nile. This is a small boat that takes you along the Nile. This offers a nice view. This moment was shared with some cool french people. Namely a guy named Alex. After this boat ride (which had beers sneaked on it) we went to one of the french guy's apartment not to far away on foot. There we went on the roof and partied. Well, I just talked to people, but some people were really partying.

Got home around 2am, right before the landlord came by with keys. Literally about 8 seconds later he was at the door. Weird.
sleep in bed.

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