Saturday, September 20, 2008

Cairo day 18

Went to Coptic Cairo with Karoline, Julia and Bettina. Chris was supposed to come but had his first day of teaching and got out of it rather late.

So Coptic Cairo basically has a lot of Churches, a synagogue and a few mosques to visit. It also has a cemetery which a chapel where Mary supposedly took refuge with her kid to hide from the infanticide.
Oh, I was getting comments from Julia and Karoline about how depressed I look all the time... sounds familiar.

After CC we came back to Cairo and HorrAY free, stolen internet works in our apartment and I'm able to get my drug!!! Suddenly, life is much better.

And, now for the rest of the day I'm simply going to relax, proofread french, maybe apply to Argentina, probably not, and do Arabic hw.

and hope for next Sunday.

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