Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cairo day 13

Someone's coming to visit me in 12 days...

Today I had my first day of class. Colloquial was easier than I thought it would be.
Formal was much harder than I thought it would be. My oral formal Arabic is much better than it's grammar.

After school, Karoline and I took a minibus to nowhere. This "nowhere", we were assured, would be our metro stop, Dokki. We ended up taking a taxi for just as much. It was a cool experience though, besides the newborn baby next to me who smelled like rotting meat, but even that was cute.

Then I rushed out with Chris to go to an Iftar meal with friends of his. Egyptian friends, that is. Cool ones. Real cool.
A girl named roshha picked us up, Chris, Arvis, and I and we drove for about 40 min to 6th of October city to get to Anis' house. On the way there I had fallen asleep. Of course when we stopped to wait for Anis to show us the way, I woke up and to my surprise, the pyramids were right outside the car window! cool way to see them for the first time!
The meal at Anis' was delicious. His mom made it though. He went to no length to hide this, however.
After this we went to a local sheesha bar. This was also delightful besides my intestinal problems (they would later be taken care of by a quick ride back to Anis' water closet, I'm glad I had a napkin because they had no toilet paper, just a hose).
We smoked hookah, and played two card games whose only purpose were to get us to do stupid thinks in our surroundings. I had to flirt with an Egyptian boy. Chris had to pretend to steal bags of chips from a stand and run away with the clerk running after him. Arvis had to ask an Egyptian girl to dance. Mai asked an egyptian girl to sleep with her, although she improvised this and it was far from what her original dare was supposed to be. One of these games had a designated winker. The last person, he who had not been winked at, would have to guess the winker. If they guessed wrong they had to do a dare. There were no real rules and everyone eventually ended up doing something stupid.

Our drive back was fun. Anis drives fast. We were also blasting cool arabic music. I learned a few words tonight; corpse, hottie, shy, and fresh. I also learned the difference between "to compose" and "one thousand" which have very similar spellings. I told this group that I would like for them to meet my girlfriend when she comes. This was met with a response by Anis asking "does she have any hot friends?" I answered yes, but not in Egypt, assif ya Anis. But that I will ask her to bring some.

Post, iftar party, I paid my share of the commission to our broker, he sent someone to pick up his fee.

I also received a sms from Chris. I transcribe: "held hands w mai in the back seat & got a boner. Moving @ the speed of egypt"
I will refrain from posting the rest of this text message convo. All I can say is that it was not suitable to female minds.

Now, I'm doing Arabic homework. I wish I had somehow done it in my mind, in the background of tonight's hanging out. Sigh... future technology... please come to me now.

12 more days...

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