Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Cairo day 6

I woke up at noon. Met up with Chris to go over some Arabic. This was very helpful.

Then I wandered back to the Nile along side this big expressway. I ended up not at all where I wanted to be but that was ok, my goal was to get to this textile market a little north of where I was. Walking through the hot hot sun, I finally find this neighborhood that probably sells much of the motor parts of Cairo. If ever u need a drive shaft in Cairo I know where to find on cheap... Just a little bit further was this Textile place. It was literally about 4 square blocks of pure textile shops. Reminded me of Joanne's times a bizillion.

Someone handed me a free meal in the street. Part of the whole generosity during Ramadan.

Around 9pm I went out to see an apartment in Zamalek. Z is the most expensive neighborhood in Cairo. This place was HUGE. It had a GIANT living room. Unfortunately it was also 2000 pounds rent all included which is about $400. I know I can find cheaper in Mohandeseen, like 1500 L.E. for the same thing or better.

On the taxi ride back I talked to this driver who was super nice. We exchanged numbers and he's probably going to call me with stuff to see. Shady, but I have nothing to lose.

Started proofreading this french text. Riddled with incoherent crap.

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