Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cairo day 21 tuesday

A tree randomly fell in the middle of the street. This about 15 seconds after Chris and I walked by where it fell. This blocked off the whole street and of course, the honking set in. Luckily nobody was hurt by it. Chris and I found some speakers for my room/housewarming party.
After this we trekked up Talat Harb street. exhilarating, as usual. Chris showed me a Kosheri place that seems to be open. One of the rare ones. Kosheri is cheap. We paid three pounds for a large bowl of it. Kosheri consists of rice, noodles, tomato sauce among other things... god knows what. Anyway, the point is, it's really cheap. Probably not healthy, but cheap, lots of carbs. After this we walked around, chatted with a guy selling bootleg dvds. A dvd here (mostly american action movies) costs 13 pounds or about $2.5 Nice guy, original name: Mohammed. He got a kick out of our Arabic names. Took the metro home. It's nice living right off the metro station.

Did homework, relatively early. Also scrambling to get more French proofreading done. Ahmed, the guy who's giving me this work forgot to give me a 23 paged document to work on. He wants it by tomorrow... I've already done 13 pages but it's annoying to have to work so fast. Probably not the best priority.

gchatted with Maggie. She mentioned how I should look into Islamic finance and how French banks were already all into that market.
a quote from her blog: see blog name 'does houston have a soul' and read day 143, maybe. internet is down right now so can't post the exact quote.
Interesting blog anyway. written in a creative way to say the least... it's most used word is probably "crude" and "boys" or maybe "boyz"

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