Sunday, September 7, 2008

Cairo day 4

Ate my Danish pastry.
Left my room around 13h.
Walked to the Egyptian Museum.
Didn't go in, didn't feel like it. Found Costa's Coffee shop on El Falaky street. Discovered it is a rip off for Americans who dearly miss their starbucks coffee shops. Will not go there again.
Will miss the air conditioning.
Oh well.

Got lost some more in Downtown. Found Opera square. Got offered a suit for 380 pounds(70 bucks). Declined but was intrigued. I will surely have a suit made while I am here.

Getting lost takes a while. Getting in and getting out of the lost status that is.
Tomorrow I shall get lost somewhere else.

My current favorite pastime is getting lost.

I returned to my apartment and soon left for my new favorite hole-in-the-wall restaurant for 10 pounds. Tomorrow, under my aegis, I will take Kemi and possibly Chris there.

Kemi's gonna get his butt kicked in Chess.

ok tomorrow I'm going to start reviewing Arabic. Fo Sho.

After this hole-in-the-wall restaurant, I went to Zamalek to meet up with Joey and his two roommates. They decided they all wanted their own room so I won't be living there. Today on Cairo Scholars I saw that afif, one of Joey's roommates, posted asking if there are any college sports bars in Cairo to follow College football... Hilarious...But hey

Then we went to a "party". All Americans. This girl challenged a guy to a push-up contest. He only did 58 in 2 minutes. She did 51. They sucked/suck. Keep that kind of behavior outside, please? and get a life outside of ROTC.

Hung out with Sijh from high school for 15 minutes in AUC Zamalek dorms. I had to get back before 23h to let Costi into our room. That dickwad isn't here yet...
I hope someone emails me soon.
no, not you ad, sorry.


Oh, today I got a job proofreading texts in French. Medieval Arab texts on water usage. More on that maƱana.

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Anonymous said...

don't know whether i should even post here. but then again..

read your entry. somehow i missed it on here yesterday night. just wanted to say it makes me smile. too bad about joey and the apartment.

(but then again²: college football? i'm sure you'll find something, mon vieux)