Saturday, September 27, 2008

Cairo day 23 (donderdag) cooking

Today's noteworthy even involved cooking. I must say, sadly, my first, but not last meal was made today.
Angela and I fasted (it's always good to have a fasting buddy) even though, for me, means I ate breakfast and she didn't. We had been planning on making an Iftar meal for about a week now.
She came by around 5pm with some vegetables. Green beans, zucchini, potatoes, TOmatoes (lots), eggplant, and more I'm sure.
She also brought some dates. These were decent. Probably George Bush dates though, not Osama Bin Laden ones (here, in markets, sometimes they'll name the dates after people based on their quality...)
After washing (crucial) and chopping it all up and popping it all into one large pot with water and olive oil we had ourselves on large pot of cooked vegetable. I had boiled the potatoes before hand.
We also made some rice to go along with this. This made me happy because I got to use my filfil iswad (black pepper).
2 cups of water for one cup of rice. But don't use a whole cup because you'll end up with enough rice for 14 people.

By the way, this was relatively delicious.
It was also very very cheap. The total cost: 10 pounds for the whole meal. Well, really 8 pounds but 10 if you include olive oil and gas and pepper and whatever else.

Of course, there were only two of us, so I frantically called up people to come over for dinner. Chris couldn't because he was setting up a fan, secretly, though, he just doesn't like eggplant.
Julia came and Andreas ended up eating a little bit. We fed only 4 people but could have fed 6 easily. I was in a food coma for the following three hours.

I don't remember the name of this dish. I'll ask Angela next time I see her.

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