Saturday, September 13, 2008

Cairo day 11

I've decided that I only like Mango juice when it's freshly made at juice stands in the street and it has big blobs of mango floating in it, and, of course, it must be very cold. It's hard to come by cold things in Cairo. note: no longer buy mango juice at the supermarket.

I was wondering, also, how does car insurance work in Egypt? Does our taxi driver's car over heating and him having to pour water into the motor go on the insurance records? Apparently you can get car insurance here for like 3000 pounds a year. That's like a fourth of the average income... Most of the license plates are written with paint by hand.

Tonight I went to an Iftar meal at a sister of a friend of my aunt and uncle's house. This was a 30 min ride out of Cairo in October 6 city. In a villa that was suuuuper nice. The food was delicious and the people there were reeeaaaally nice.
This was followed by a movie, "Baby mama" very American. This whole experience was very american by the way, as my host grew up in the US. American with a funny Egyptian feel.

After this movie, this really nice couple drove me home (the driver drove, of course) but before that we made a stop at Burger King, one of the few in Cairo. This was cool. Weird to see wallpaper of football players. All the while had nice conversation. With them.

Got home, said hello to flatmates. it's all good.

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