Saturday, September 6, 2008

Cairo day 3

Woke up 10h. Techsupported with Adrian for about 6 hours about her guy probs. This was productive but I didn't get out to see the Egyptian Museum or get a haircut like I had hoped.

I read from the Herald Tribune and Le Monde. I drank tap water. I'm still not sick from the street food I ate last night. Around 18h this Chilean dude who was leaving tonight at 2am. His name was Ignacio. He introduced me to Chris, a really cool guy who got fed up with working for the gov and decided to learn Arabic to apply to really good schools for an International Relations Masters.

We got this overprice meal for 4 dollars with a Jamaican and Indian girl. Both of them are doing phds in the states. Then Ignacio and Eric and I met up with more people whose names I don't remember. A girl and a guy. Americans working here for some private contractor. Nice people. Chris and I then walked around and I bought lots of street food just to try it. Good times. I got a pastry for breakfast tomorrow. A Danish. And fool. and three shitty falafel.

Now I'm going to bed. Probably reading first/waiting for a text message from a certain special someone... HURRY UP!

Adrian says I will not have a nervous breakdown. I say Cairo isn't THAT polluted.

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