Saturday, September 20, 2008

Cairo day 17


Slept til 1pm. Chris woke got my out of bed with a call to go see the Agricultural Museum. This was closed but we sneaked in passed a sleeping guard (just like in the movies) and were able to explore the museum grounds. Pretty cool. Would have been nice to see the "taxidermied rhinoceroses and display of horrific animal diseases", for another time. We headed over to the Mahmoud Khalil modern museum. An egyptian and his French wife collected art, mostly from the impressionist period and apparently it has some good works. Also closed. Instead we opted for the duty free at the nearby sheraton hotel. We also discovered that we could use the pool there for free, if we pretended to be customers. Quite easy.
Chris and I met up with Arvis and his 30 year old friend, Heather for Pizza at some shitty wannabe French restaurant. T'was ok. Also found a western book shop which I really liked taking refuge in.
Then we met up with Mai and Anas and that whole group for a sheesha. Standard. There was some gossip/drama going on with one of the guys Mai brought along though. Interesting dynamics.
Following this little thing, Anas, Arvis and I went to a concert of Mohammad Monir. I had heard about him in Anas' car because Anas' always plays his album. There was one song in particular I REALLY wanted to hear which I will post and begin listening to immediately.
Sadyly, we got there four songs late and missed this favorite song. It was still worth it though.
Got home at 2am and chatted a bit with Andreas and Karoline. I'm starting to get annoyed with Andreas because he always uses my favorite stella artois glass for his coffee and never cleans it after. Whatever. I'll figure something out.

Sorry, I can't find the song I want anywhere, maybe because the album just came out.

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