Thursday, May 7, 2009

"ze" tigre

TOday's post is by a special guest, MC, from El Tigre.

MC likes to cool and is a Religion Major.

yo. I clicked on your blog and saw a mention of the transgender conversation and it reminded me I wanted to research it (told you I was a nerd, and not just when it comes to kitchens). It's spelled "ze". And it's gender neutral. So while a transgender person who identifies as male or female would use that gender's standard pronouns, one that chooses not to submit to gender duality might use ze, or might not. In that case, I don't know how or if they might use pronouns. I've never actually met anyone who used ze. In my encounters with trannies I just ask (either them or mutual friends), and it's usually appreciated. So that's what I discovered.
Happy wining!

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