Wednesday, May 6, 2009

a Uruguayan, two columbians, a frenchman, an american

what do you get when you mix the five in a group project on the medias of Chile and freedom of press?

you get things like:

"mailde'uruguayan'sname'", along with email addresses like caro87hotmail or chaco@...
I find this hilarious given that they're journalism college students.

you get columbians who for some reason think three digits in dates should be separated e.g. 2.009, 1.999
never seen that one before...

or stuff like not knowing to click "reply all" when they're working on group project.

and then of course, the frenchman doesn't care and waits until the last minute to get stuff done.

and the american who's trying to understand what's going on inside these heads and trying to get them to work together as a group, the way american students are taught to.

luckly, there are still Brazilians and Mexicans in the world.

Speaking of Mexicans. Today a mexican and the aforementioned uruguayan were hanging out. The mexican has a tee-shirt that reads "hecho en Mexico". The uruguayan tells him to go on the main pedestrian street (florida) and walk by people sneezing and coughing really close to them. With the current H1N1 craze here ( I saw ONE man wearing a mask yesterday even though there are no reported cases in Argentina yet) that would be the funniest thing to do with one's day (my humble, beating-prone opinion)

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