Wednesday, May 13, 2009



Another blunder, yesterday in my journalism class our prof did a pop quiz. we went to the computer lab and he gave us 45 minutes to write two pages on the argentine elections and Another topic. Lucky for me, none of the other argentine kids actually knew much, so it was just a but harder for us foreign kids. Needless to say, lucky because he's letting us hand in the second assignment next class. I'm going to re-do the first one out of good will... hopefully inspiring his merciful side...

Ah, an a very very very good note, pirus got an awesome internship offer! I feel totally left in the blue. I need to get my life in order!
This weekend I'm applying to a Chicago think tank! That might make me feel better. It's the one CARI (Consejo Argentino de relaciones internacionales) has modeled itself on. CARI is where I often go to lectures and have my foreign policy class.

Castellano class starts in 15 minutes!

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