Monday, May 18, 2009


Gretta was sick and throwing up all day. She ate some of her sister's food...

At 21hrs30 I went to a outdoor tango competition at Plaza Dorrego.
This was incredible. Some of the dancers were amazing to look at. The footwork was incredible. I think I learned a lot just by looking.
Unfortunately I didn't dance at all after the competition because I have no huevos and my couple would have been by far the worst one on the dance floor. I'm going back next Sunday with a girl from class and we're dancing though. No matter how bad we look.

There was also a tradition group dance called chacareras. It was really fun to watch the old couples doing this stuff. There were also some gorgeous women but I was too taken aback by their dancing to pay attention to that aspect of it... maybe when tango doesn't look so cool to me anymore.

She's still throwing up. It's really disturbing. God this country does not know how to cook

wine and cheese tastings...

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