Monday, May 4, 2009

a memory

I felt like posting this conversation I had with a (far away) close friend yesterday. I feel that when reading back on these posts in X number of years, it will be a decent reminder of the events/situation, and nothing more. This may seem hypocritical of me as there are plenty of things I have not posted in the past that might have been memories, but whatever. Not at all meant as an attack or with any bitterness:

edit: nevermind. Perhaps it's just better to say that I'm single now.

Also, I had an awesome two hour long video chat conversation with Chris about life, Cairo, and the pursuit of happiness, and mainly how him not having 120K and not getting any financial aid means him not going to the #1 (john hopkins) or #4 (Tufts, Fletcher school) top international relations school in the US. gotta love it.
He's trying for the UK and Europe now.
Oh, and apparently, Jordan, from Cairo (the girl) was really into my blog and read really far back into it and was shocked at my writing that he had a mini crush on her when he first met her. ("gasp... I had NO idea!") lol sorry for revealing personal things. That's the third time that's gotten me into 'trouble'

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