Saturday, May 30, 2009

Gallery Nights (gallery crawl with free Champaign)

Chilled at the Gran Victoria, a café on plaza de Mayo for about four hours. Worked on periodismo interview and emails, bureaucratic necessities. One noteworthy happening, one of two business men sitting next to me ordered a delicious plate of ham sandwiches and left it untouched. So with the approval of my waitress, I helped myself to a not only delicious, but free snack. Then, I walked over to starbucks and 'squatted' (as they say in French) their internet. I briefly talked to a girl who was sitting across from me as she got up to go to a finance class at San Andres. She was reading a book in French. She's actually from Quebec. Only smiles were exchanged but maybe we'll run into each other again in this vast world of expat francophones.

E texted me to go to Gallery nights.

Gallery Nights.
Gallery Nights takes place in recoleta near retiro the last Friday of every month. In this location there is a high concentration of art galleries.
The idea of Gallery Nights is similar to that of the 'bar crawl' concept. A few exceptions though: the bars are art galleries, and the only alcohol is Champagne which, might I mention –thanks to our wonderful sponsor, Chandon– is free. One small cup per gallery, times oooh, maybe, twenty galleries, and one gets rather 'trashed' if such a term is appropriate for such a high class, bon chic bon genre, event.

Our last stop was the lobby of some sort of corporate headquarters. Here they were exposing art from the Salta region in the north west. The particularly remarkable characteristic of Salta's art is its empanadas... umm... I mean landscapes and traditional scenes...

Oh, and not to forget, some of the art galleries were quite good.

After this, I went home, ate again. Then went our again even though I was way too drunk. Sobered up by the time I arrived at la viarua, the armenia cultural center which converts itself into the late night (breakfast served at 6am) tango hub of the world.
Had a nice time with D from UIUC, talking about his various DiTella conquests and dancing with E, M's current target (although if she was, he should have gotten there a little earlier).
Only stayed til 4 though. took the 140 home and passed out after watching just a little bit more of "Eva Perón" –a pretty decent movie so far.

I need to understand why I feel the need to use initials instead of real names. Not sure why I do that.

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