Sunday, May 17, 2009


After Mario's last night, went to el Milión to meet with E and her friend in from Boston, M.

Thursday's class was super boring, but I think it was just me. I think that level of boringness will be remembered for years to come.
At 6 went to a free tango lesson at a cultural center, with G. This was pretty cool. and my cool I mean free. G danced with a cute 23yold girl from Madrid and I danced with a 30 something-year-old single mom... but i had a really nice time and will def go back next week.
R and I had a nice dinner. Soup, steak and her special mashed potatoes.
Valientes is getting super repetitive. Didn't realize soap operas could be so dumb. And every argentine makes fun of me for watching it. I stand proud. At least I admit it, they watch it in hiding.

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