Friday, May 1, 2009

Dalai Lama, a memory

From: tbo
Sent: Tuesday, April 28
To: Uncle
Subject: Dalai Lama

Hey Uncle,
Remember that story of us going to see the Dalai Lama at Grant Park? And something about me yelling at the top of my lungs "DALAI LAAMMMAAAA".

I think you told me that story once. Not sure if it's true or not. Is it?


From: Uncle

HI, you were sitting on my shoulders and it was very quiet. You screamed out "Dalai Laaaaammmmaaaa!" All true buddy. It was very funny. All these people dressed in their native garbs turned around to look and you and saw that you were a little boy and smiled. Thanks for reminding me, that was great. Hope all is well and thanks for the email.



Uma said...

haha thibaud i really can't wait to see you again

. said...

thanks. and like, to live together again!