Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Going to eat at Mario´s tonight. I asked him today what we´re going to eat...
Hola Thibaud: gracias por tu email. Vamos al comer agnollotis. Son
unos sorrentinos grandes rellenos de ricota.
This is like a empanada filled with ricota cheese. For a picture:

When I get a chance I´ll add what wine might go well with this. Have to consult my guides at home.

Algunas expresiones francesas:

Saltar de un tema a otro. Sauter/passer du coq à l'âne means to jump from one subject to another.
Passer d'un sujet à l'autre sans lien évident.
Detallos en francés de la etimología:

Llegar a un arreglo/un compromiso.
Ir a medias: con el dinero
Couper la poire en deux "to cut the pear in half" means to meet halfway or to split the difference.

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