Tuesday, May 5, 2009

El Tigre

Had a short but sweet talk with pirus.

Went on a guided tour organized through my program today. Took the train up north and biked through the nice and not as nice parts of town. We had maté and alfahores while sitting along the coast. I ate a chorripan for lunch with delicious dried tomatoes.

then we went kayaking. in the mar de la plata. There was a carnaval Emily talked about which we went pass. I would like going back to check that out. Looked like a simple, fun, proletarian time.

Bonded with G and M K. talked about cooking. Might take a few cooking classes with her from this chef she knows here in BA. You go to his house and cook/eat there.
talked about transgenders on her campus. They're not "he" or "she" but "zee" (not sure on the spelling)

Had a few fun email exchanges with my cousin on being married, falling pregnant, and snow.

Hung out with Soso over icecream. good, tango times.

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