Wednesday, May 27, 2009

awesome way to meet someone

Saturday around 6pm, I was located in the rugby stadium of CASI about 30 minutes north of BA, in San Isidro, probably the nicest suburb of Buenos Aires.
because I'm still on bad terms with G, I hung out with the typical american dudes, which is always 100% guaranteed fun. This is mostly due to the baseness of our conversation, something I am absolutely fine with. Among this group, I met a quiet, friendly guy named Eric. I will now attempt to best recount the first 60 seconds of our encounter.

My mouth was stuffed with a delicious choripan. We shake hands. Eric asks me what my name is. Because my mouth was stuffed with a delicious choripan, and because I have a rather difficult name to understand which usually requires immediate explanation, and because I try to stay close to the principle of not talking with my mouth full, I began to gesticulate in a series of attempts to signal to Eric, that he give me "his spiel" while I finish my current mouthful.
So he begins to talk, "umm... yea, so i'm Eric, i go to school in Minnesota, I'm from Southbend, Indiana..."
suddenly, my mouth is empty enough to blurt out "oh, I lost my virginity to a girl from Southbend, Indiana!"
He kept his cool (a normal person would have just walked away) and asked who that girl was.
At this point I had already said too much so I told him who it was.

He knows her. He went to her graduation party. I guess southbend is pretty small after all...

anyway, Eric finding out who I first had sex with was the first thing he found out about me.

Next time I'll just chew my food and stick to my name.

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meem said...

my graduation party was epic.
anta mithl sookra tfl.