Sunday, May 31, 2009


, rainy, was spent inside between homework, fafsa, hmm... I could actually list what I did as I have my list with about 1/2 of it checked off
and intermittently talking (listening to), eating, drinking tea with Greta my Argentine host mom. She told me about how they had a French prisoner working in their garden during WW2 and how well they got along. She told me about how she lived on the beach in Italy for two years (I suspect she was a socialite partier back in her youth, she still pretty much is). She's leaving a month before I go to Rio so that she can go off to Europe to visit her friends. I'll be alone with the maid. :-) (she bought me a t-shirt for my birthday)

I decided this night was going to be spent alone, in front of my computer, listening to Koran recitations, with a bottle of Syrah. Instead I spent it with Angela. I called her, we talked for two hours. She told me about everything in her life, including how she's still with H despited H's dad going into DIABETIC SHOCK when he found out H is dating a non-muslim (angela). He literally had to be taken to Kuwait to be treated in a hospital there because it was so severe. Crazy. But anyway, they're still together, both incredibly busy and both apparently in love.
I like it when these Cairo moments come back to envelop my life for a few hours.

After this, I was semi-summoned by M to go to el fidel, a club on Costa Rica street where Marny was celebrating her birthday with about four other people. This was fun, For once I didn't mind so many Americans. Got a decent amount of dancing in and some good socializing including a rather heartfelt bus-conversation about what's behind us and what hopefully lies ahead.
Random quote of the night as a boy and a girl were talking/making out: boy says: "this is definitely something I don't want to get called about tomorrow".

Turtle. my obsession.

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Claire said...

Drinking alone? Maybe next time you can invite the turtle.